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Boudoir photography is the ultimate expression of the beauty of a woman. They are classy yet sexy. Soft yet cheeky. Intimate yet inviting. And of course sensual while still reflecting the full womanhood of the person.

For woman who want to create a wonderful personal gift for the special person in their lives, a Boudoir shoot is ideal. Or for those who want to do something special just for themselves, to look back on one day. Or simply for the dare and the fun of it - It is very empowering for a woman to see their beauty through the eye of a lens.

Using Eyeconic you will realise something very quickly - I make it all about you. Your needs, your comfort zone, your privacy, your feelings about how conservative or risque you want to be. I understand that you might have doubts, concerns and of course the common insecurities that you are not beautiful enough, thin enough or shaped well enough.

Boudoir photography is not about trying to create a perfect image for a magazine. It is about capturing your inner as well as outer beauty - your character and personality and of course also your body. Not someone else's. Yours. To do that I use different poses, lighting and other techniques to create images that you will love.

I have had the privilege to shoot woman from a myriad of ages, backgrounds and of course initial insecurities - give it a try and maybe you become one of the many women who after seeing their photos are brought to tears - when realising just how wonderful they are.


Discovering new things adds value to life - but exploring new hidden elements of yourself is life itself {Colin Fibiger}


Standard Hourly Rates apply - go here.


Other than for the amazing photos you will get..... For the sense of security I provide. For the fun you will have working with a professional. For the knowledge that you are getting the best photos in the best environment possible

I also look to provide you with images that are timeless in their style rather than wow only for now.

I am one of only a few boudoir photographers in the area and my reputation is a lot more valuable than posting images I shouldn't etc.

My normal answer is yes - but with Boudoir and other similar forms of photography the answer is no

I obviously appreciate the oportunity to show off my work but it is your decision and I respect that totally

When you full in the booking form, you state a simple yes or no to ne using the photos - and there is also an option to saying yes but selecting the allowed photos individually

The word Budoir comes from the french work for a lady's chamber, bedroom or private quarters. It is in this type of setting that most shots take place

It is not limited to bedrooms however and we can do shots in all kinds of settings around the home. A previous client's hubby's favourite shot was one of the wife cooking in the kitchen - dressed only in bread flour

Many are shot outdoors in beautiful natural surroundings or even in studio. We will chat before the time and make selections based on what you would like.

Most take an hour - maybe two. You decide how many shots you need and how many settings or changes of clothing

Some sexy underwear, one of hubby's white work shirts, a sheet draped over you, nothing at all, or naked but obscured behind a wall of see throgh clothe

Corsets, thigh hight stockings and high heels always work well. Or why not hire a sexy fancy dress outfit? And don't forget any props you might think of such as bowties, jewellry or even a rugby ball for your rugby mad hubby.

The theme is sexy and sensual but don't think that that means you have to be nude. It could be part of the shoot but woman are sexy in so many ways and can be sensual in a variety of scenes

Sexy and Sensual are largely attitudes and state of mind. It is sometimes more in a look than a shape. Sometimes more powerful implied than blatant.

When we chat I will get to know you a little and we will come up with ideas based on who you are as a person

Only I take the photos - no assistants are present and only I do any editing and processing. No one else is present or sees the photos at all

If you want the make-up artist to stay for touch ups she will, and it is a highly discreet professional I have worked with many times.

Yes of course and same rules apply as for any other shoot. Just dont try a new hairstyle on the day - if you mess it you will not be happy

Stick to what you know or practice new stuff before the time

Generally, with make-up you can go a little more than normal and if you want to splash out, why not check out my list of recommended service providers on the home page

The most important preparation you can do is to relax and be prepared to enjoy yourself. Be excited!

You will be sent a full guide prior to the shoot but very importantly no fake tans or excessive tanning before the session - this results in yellow tones or blotchy skin in your photos. If you want tanned, get it at least two weeks prior to the shoot.

Also avoid tight clothes and underwear just before the shoot. These can cause unsightly lines when we take the photos

Finally, lots of water and sleep. You will have a lovely skin glow and bright sparkling eyes

Yes - of course. The bulk of Boudoir shoots I do include some full nudity

We try and keep the site as child safe as possible so have to be selective about the photos we display

I think Dita Von Teese said it so well "It's not about seducing men - it's about embracing womanhood"

And neither are 99% of my boudoir clients. Boudoir is not about being a professional model - it is about being you.

I send you a detailed guide before the shoot and while we are busy will walk you through every step of the way. While we shoot, I talk about your fingers, eyes, hips, chin and everything else, in simple detailed instructions. Before you know it you will be relaxed and enjoying yourself

Just arrive ready to have some fun and explore your boundaries - and if you would like to bring a bottle of wine with, you are welcome to do so

My most memorable times as a photographer is seeing woman realise just how beautiful they are - despite all the flaws we all have. My job and I do it well, is to use poses, angles, lighting and other techniques to show you at your best and to minimise flaws.

Minor touch ups are part of the editing process, so if I have a shot where the shadow really does not work well with for instance, stretch marks, I will correct.

I do not do major photoshopping to make you lose 20Kgs etc. I feel this is a disservice to the natural beauty of my clients. If however you really want this done, I will refer you to a professional in the field.


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