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The entertainer, singer and performer's world has become one of instant images, instant news and .rapid fire updates. It is a world of the internet and social media.

This has leveled the playing field for the industry - anyone can now get their news, photos and happenings out to the public - at the same speed as the big names and on the same platforms.

It has however created greater competition - he who tweets most wins. More images, more posts means more coverage. Every post, a potential hit for a client or booking agent searching for your skills.

It how now become basic business practice in the entertainment industry to have a stock of photos that are used to keep social media posts and web presence updated. A library of marketing images to draw from.

And while you might not have the paparazzi following you, providing you with these images, you can and should do your own. A posed shoot, on location or the recording of you in action on stage

Why not give me a call to chat about regular shoots so you too can have high impact, creative shots to market your most important brand - you..


In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality {Alfred Stieglitz}


Standard Hourly Rates apply - go here.


Wherever - whatever suits the images we want to put together. On stage, studio or on location
I generally advise a wider range of shots so locations will be chosen to give you a bit of variety in your portfolio.
If you have an upcoming album or tour, then we shoot specifically around that theme.

Yes - and will even do short tour accompanyments
Do remember that I charge for travel. See Pricing for more info

You have full rights to usage of the photos and I provide you with a written release to this effect
Do remember that under SA law, I do however own copyright to the images so you need my permission if you want to sell any of them

This really going to depend on what you already have and are therefore looking for.
I will chat to you before the time so we have a good idea before we start.
I will never force my own style on you and will shoot in whatever style it takes to get you the images you need.

Of course! With a band, your better half, family, kids or fans.
If the group is larger than six, I might advise you to book extra time. I does take up time getting groups correctly posed and there is always one with their eyes closed isn't there


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