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In this age of digital media, images have become of utmost importance to any business and corporate wanting to maintain an edge on their online presence.

The investment if regular photo shoots and having a library of images for use is not only common but critical business practice.

From social events and functions to formal board meetings. Community outreaches and team building workshops. Team, staff and director portfolios. These all form part of the variety of images one needs to present.

Why not get creative and display some stunning shots of your people at work? Or hire a few fancy dress outfits and have some fun with your next staff meeting. Even creative shots of your equipment and machinery would go a long way to separating you from your competition.

Instead of standard artwork on your office walls, why not some shots of your own business and people. The centre shot below is a classic example of creativity and this image adorns the wall of Bellini's restaurant in Cape Town.

Rather than have stock posters on the walls with motivational sayings, why not create your own, with your very own images? I would be more than happy to discuss some ideas with you.


I've always believed that photography is a way to shape human perception {James Balog}


Standard Hourly Rates apply - go here. Special rates for half hour headshots at R350 a person


Yes of course. Check under our pricing for special pricing for once off shoots.
It is always a good idea to refresh everyones photos regularly - why not give a call to do a group session?

Yes - definitely.
It has become a world of images out there and I would love to help you get your better than the others.
Being just that little bit creative can make a massive difference

Creative protraits of your people at work on machinery, directors or management in a meeting. Even stylised shots of products, equipment etc. All of these make your images stand out

Yes and No.
Cars, larger equipment, furniture and so on - I will deliver awesome images
For smaller items, shot in a lightbox for use in newspaper adverts etc I will probaby recommend you to a colleague that specialises in that area
Why not give me a call to chat and I can advise you what is best

No problem to travel - just remember I do charge extra.

Oh yes - An area I particularly enjoy.
Instead of the off the shelf artwork and posters we can create your very own.

Motivational posters that include your own people or premises. Artwork shot around a particular theme.
We sit down together to chat, get creative and off we go.


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