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Although I am creative and adventurous, I am old fashioned when it comes to family. To me the word embraces so much and has a much deeper meaning than a simple dictionary or legal definition.

It is a path traveled. A journey of growth for both individuals as well as a collective. A safe place hurdles can be overcome together and burdens shared. A bond often challenged but never broken by life's events. Family is the embodiment of love in it's raw, uncompromising but purest form.

It is, for me, not only a pleasure therefore, capturing family moments but also a privilege and an honour.

The special moments along the way are too quickly forgotten or the memory fades. Moving into a new house. Your child's first bicycle ride. First day at school. A wedding anniversary. A thousand moments and memories that need to be cherished and preserved.

There is simply no better way to build and remember your family story than with a photo shoot.

And what I offer is quality family time together, filled with fun, hopefully some laughter, a way of bonding together, all while capturing the essence of who you are to remember forever.


You don't choose your family - They are God's gift to you as you are to them {Desmond Tutu}

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Standard Hourly Rates apply - go here.


Wherever you want - at your home, in the park, at the beach or anywhere else that you feel is good.
I will be able to advise of places I normally use if you want a specific setting.
Just please bear in mind that if we have to travel an hour to get to your venue and then climb a mountain for another hour to get to the spot, I will have to charge extra.

Aren't they always? But don't stress. I love kids of all ages and have the experience to get out of them what we want.
I have a very relaxed style and everyone generally gets into the swing of things pretty quickly

Not unless you really want to. This of course will depend on the style of photos you are wanting.
I find that the more comfortable everyone is with their clothing the better - so best not to stress your teen out by insisting he wear something uncool. Or even worse upset your five year old daughter by telling her she cannot wear her new dress.
As a general rule of thumb, stick to plainer colours, matching if possible - jeans and whites for instance.
I will be emailing you a guide as soon as you have finalised your booking which is filled with handy tips and advice

Normally an hour is fine for us to get the shots you want.
If however, the family is large or you want shots in two locations or a change of clothes etc - then look to booking two hours.
I once had a family book me for the entire day and I took shots all the way from them getting dressed and having breakfast right through to going to bed. A whole day in their lives documented!.

Of course! This is a wonderful opportunity to include the grand parents - in laws, or long seen family members.

Please bear in mind that group shots can be difficult - there is always one person not looking at the camera isn't there?
If the group is going to be largish, make sure you book at least two hours to get enough individual, small group and full group photos

Of course - Would love to have your pets included.

Pets are a little difficult to get quick poses from so maybe anticipate booking at least a two hour session to compensate.

Eish - life happens - and I do understand

If you give me fair notice of postponement because of matters outside your control, I will happily set a new date - at no charge

Do remember that I have allocated the time to you - please be considerate when wanting to postpone.


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