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A photo shoot to document the gains you have made is the greatest reward you can give yourself for all the hours of pain and sweat you have put into achieving the body you have now.

Many clients pre-book a year in advance - every year. This way they have a step by step portfolio of their successes. A stunning ledger of achievements and goals set and and checked off.

My unique "total person" approach has set the standard for many other photographers and you should definitely read the FAQ - why to choose Eyeconic. It will explain exactly why the shots you get here will be different from elsewhere.

Fitness and Body Building photography is totally unique in that it encompasses sport, action, portraiture and boudoir - all rolled into one. A careful combination of capturing the character and personality of the individual and using creative lighting techniques to showcase to best effect the toned and chiseled beauty of the human form

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Your body is the church where Nature asks to be reverenced  {Marquis De Sade}

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Standard Hourly Rates apply - go here.

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Having photographed many different people over the years, I have come to realise that those images the clients love best and really stand out - are those that capture the individuals uniqueness and personal character.
When I approach a Fitness or Body Building shoot the first thing I do is get to know the person. And it does not take long if you really care and listen.

Having done that we can move on to the actual shoot. First we go through the compulsory competition poses - you have to have those in your album. But then the real fun shots begin. We now move from focusing purely on the muscle to focusing on the person.

A person is not just muscle or definition. We capture shots that also show strength. We shoot unique images that reflect purpose and functionality - such as breaking down an old wall. We move on to capturing the beauty of women and the handsomeness of men.
Then we round it all off with good old fashioned sexy or a more subtle sensuality. Add a dose of fun and other poses such as reading and you end up with a portfolio that shows the "total person"

Yes - if we have your permission. I do understand that with these kind of shoots, some photos can be a little risque or even more so we ask your permission first.
I do appreciate the opportunity to showcase my work as it does bring in more business
And for those wanting to use possible opportunities for fitness modelling, the more I put your photos out there, the better chance you have of someone seeing them

In the gym if we can get their permission to stay a little after closing hours or get in before others are there.
Otherwise we find an alternative venue or even the studio - all we need is a few weights to use. That will take care of the shots with standard equipment
For the competition poses anywhere is fine - even your own home. I set up the necessary backdrops and away we go
And as for the rest - I drag you to an old building to knock some walls, a workshop to work on a car, the beach to get those more casual poses, the old railway yard to pull a train, a farm road to get a country feel and a myriad of other places that will allow us to get some awesome shots

The pricing is based on an hourly basis, and I generally recommend two hours which will cover the standard poses and another setting.
If you need a broader range of creative shots - then you simply book more slots. I generally prefer, particularly for first timers, to rather split the extra time into another session - this allows the person to get over their initial fear of the camera and come back the second time ready to go.

For bodybuilding fitness, a couple of sets of gym clothing and your competition posing bikini would be standard wear.
Once we have discussed your shoot, we will then add additional clothing items. Cut off denim shots and a cut off vest always work well. A white work shirt borrowed from hubby. I have done quite a few in rented outfits such as gladiator kits and so on.

If a sports or general fitness we will look at different fitness and sports wear - depending on your own personality and interests

It is really going to depend on the shots you are wanting so it could simply be a sheet draped around you or a fancy short evening dress that shows off your legs. I will guide you through all of that as we chat

Contrary to a lot of photographers that will tell you that fitness and body building shots do not require makeup etc - I disagree totally. Just because someone has a toned and built body does not mean they have to try and look as unattractive as possible.

Do your makeup and do your hair. If we start spraying water to create sweat or powder to show impact it will get a little mussed up so by all means bring it with you to touch up as we go along.

And of course the focus being what it is, we are from time to time going to add a little dirt or oil for impact. But take a look at movie heroines - even in the middle of a fight they look good - that's what we want to achieve for you.

Don't worry about that at all - I will guide you along the way
When you have booked your shoot, I also send you a booklet on how to prepare which will give you all the basic information you need to feel a little more confident.
You relax - enjoy yourself - and I will talk you through it

Your photo shoot - Your choice.
Many of the shoots I have done have included some topless photos at least, to showcase the persons back or even to just add a touch of sexiness to the collection.

And of course many also want full nude photos - after all they are there to primarily get photos of their beautiful bodies - you decide what your comfort zone is

Other than sculpting your body, the next most important thing is to build your portfolio

This means getting in regular shoots in different outfits, poses and scenes. This is something I can guide you on in planning the shoots.

Depending on time availability, I could even offer free shoots on a TFD basis. Have a look at the Modeling section under the What We Do page for more info on what TFD is.


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