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The digital revolution of photography and new print techniques has meant that having beautiful images adorning your walls is a possibility for everyone. Go into any furniture store and an abundance of wonderful images can be bought.

This has sadly meant however that having unique or one of a kind artwork has become the realm of the super rich only - well not really.- this is what most people think.

I have a large collection of images taken over the years which can hang on your walls at only a fraction more than the mass produced images you buy at the store. In addition, I also sell on behalf of a few overseas professionals so you are ensured a wide variety of content and style.

If interested , I show you the artwork available - you select and we then simply decide on size and method of print etc. This would include concept designs including motivational quotes, company slogans, mission statements etc.

You can choose from having one of a limited edition print or absolute exclusivity. See the pricing below below for more details.

Now your home, office, business boardroom, restaurant, doctor's waiting room - in fact anywhere, can boast stunning, unique and tailor made images.

And if I do not have exactly what you are looking for then I sit and chat to you or your interior decorator and go and get the shots you want - from a single image to a collection.


I am not interested to shoot new things - I am interested to see things new {Ernst Haas}

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Prices quoted are exclusive of framing/boarding/canvas etc and are for usage of image only

If need be, and you have a specific style and theme in mind,  I will take shots specifically based on your requirements

R500 - Limited edition print - there will be no more than 10 of these printed.

R1500 - Exclusive print - no one else in the world will have this artwork.

R4900 - Minimum fee. I take the shots specifically for you, to a maximum of 8 selected images, as per your requirements and you have complete exclusivity on the images. If the scope of the assignment is extensive, I will provide you with a quote to get the specific shots you require.

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Every photo that is ordered is allocated a unique number. A record is kept of the number of prints to ensure that it does not exceed ten. Once that number is reached, no more prints will be allowed.

For sole exclusivity the same principle is applied except only one print will ever be authorised off that photograph

The purchase of exclusive prints is more of an investment than an indulgence in artwork and well worth it in comparison to mass produced prints bought from stores

Yes - quite a nice on too.

The certificate stipulates authenticity as well as exclusivity. In addition, it is signed by original photographer/copyright holder.

For your own benefit, it also includes a brief summary of location and circumstances of the photo itself

The print in whatever form block/canvas etc as well as the exclusivity that goes with it, is your full property and may be sold as you wish.

I do make it obligatory that you advise me of the sale, so that we may amend our records as to the new owner. This obviously assists in validating any queries in the future as to genuiness of product

Allow for around a week for block mounting etc. and an additional week if you require framing

I generally recommend that I handle the printing aspect for quality control but that you handle the framing independently. I do have a recommended supplier and this allows you to fully explore different framing options directly with them

Yes - what a wonderful idea.

Clients have in the past purchased a set of 12 images with exclusive ownership and printed beautiful collector piece calendars from these as corporate gifts for their clients


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