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LIfestyle portraiture is one of my favourite genres of photography. But what the heck is that I hear you say?

In a nutshell, it is simply taking photos of you in your natural or common environment. Be it work, at play, doing a hobby or in a setting that says something a little bit more about you and what you do.

It is a wonderful way to have photos taken, that reflect the real you to the outside world. A way of preserving memories that capture the essence of who you were over time. Imagine the grandchildren claiming - "I didn't know you rode horses, used to be a fireman, liked fishing, played hockey," etc etc

And a little secret - for those who battle to get their Dads or Grandparents to participate in a shoot, this works wonders. They love showing what they do and are proud of.

So no matter what it is that makes you unique, I would love to be the one to capture the memories.

Whether you are a painter, a welder, policeman, librarian or office bound. Every sport imaginable all the way from kickboxing to chess. Every hobby and pastime conceivable from fishing, to skateboarding to reading or simply listening to music. All photos that tell a story about who and what you are.

And of course just moments that reflect parts of you. Your tattoos. A decision to grow a beard. A passion for cars or stamps. All of it making up who you are and captured to be remembered forever.


Photography is the story I fail to put into words {Destin Sparks}


Standard Hourly Rates apply - go here.


Lifestyle photography being what it is, the location is very specific to the element of your life you want to capture.

This would include work, hobbies, sport or other passions such as antique cars, cooking, reading, hiking and more.

You tell me what part of your life you want to capture and together we work out the details.

Then lifestyle photography is right up your alley

It is all about capturing you just doing what you normally do - many shots are very candid. Very little normal posing, holding that smile for the camera, as you would for standard portraits

I will walk you through every step and from experience I know clients quickly relax. On top of that, as soon as you have booked, I send you a booklet to guide you along as well

Sort of - you dress according to the topic we will be covering. So obviously no smart clothes for a fishing lifestyle shoot

Just dress as you would normally for the activity we will be covering - if you want a to add a little bit of flair by all means do so.

You must at least look like a rugby player, fireman, cook etc

Normally an hour is fine for us to get the shots you want.
If however you really want to go all out with a range of settings and clothing changes then look at two hours or more.

For the men this is a no brainer. Women are excused to put make-up on for everything - even if you are a firefighter - and why not? There is never a reason to not want to look your best

Obviously, you want the make-up to match the shoot so if we are doing a sports, or rough activity shot, you do not want your make-up and hair looking more like a Casino Royale style. Just keep it natural and appropriate
I did do one shoot though where the woman had her ballroom gown on for a ten pin bowling shoot - combining both her hobbies. That was fun! So be open to creativity and don't be afraid to chat to me about your thoughts

We might add a little grunge make-up - dirt for sport, grease for mechanics etc. If you would like a professional make-up and hair stylist then check my Linked Services page for people I highly recommend


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