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There are very few things as rewarding as capturing those precious moments of life itself.

The radiant beauty of a pregnant woman. The amazing innocence of a new life entering this world. The proud, awestruck look of new parents as they look upon this child that is theirs.

For the mothers to be, it is an opportunity to show off that clumsy yet elegant bump that says "I am woman". A rare time to get shots of an aspect of yourself maybe unseen before.

For the baby, a time that will pass way too quickly. Fleeting moments of total dependency and absolute innocence. If you are considering newborn shots  do not delay - before you know it the time has passed.

And for the new parents - a time to capture the avalanche of feelings that come with having a child. A love you never thought possible. A bond that is somehow instant without having given it thought. A sense of fulfillment, joy, excitement, nervousness and pride all wrapped into one.

I would love to be there to capture these moments for you.


You will never know what it means to have your heart overflow with love until you see it flowing from your own child's eyes {Colin Fibiger}


Standard Hourly Rates apply - go here.


For maternity shoots, the sky is the limit, In studio, in your home or at a location of your choice.
For the newborns, either studio or home is recommended, unless we are sure the weather is going to co-operate and be nice and warm.

From mother's side just get ready to have fun! Other than that, do not wear any tight fitting clothing or underwear that is going to leave unsightly lines when we take the photos
For newborns, a feed, burp and nappy change just before the session is great. That way the little darlings sleep through it all.

Women just glow with natural beauty when they are pregnant so anything is going to look good.

Long flowing dresses or draping is georgeous, as are tight clinging fabrics. Generally softer colours work great but if you want to celebrate with bountiful colour so be it.

For baby, simple, soft wraps are all that is needed. If you have a special sport top that hubby insists on, then lets go for it.

As soon as your booking is conformed, I will send you a guide on all of this stuff and we will have a chat as well - so just relax.

28 to 32 weeks is a great time for moms to be. You will not have reached the really uncomfortable stage yet but have a good dose of bump to show off.
I have however done shoots at very late stages and they are awesome. The recommendation is really more about your comfort.

For newborns, we normally look at between 6-14 days after birth. That way we get them where they sleep right through the session and are easy to prop and place into different poses. If we miss the 14 day deadline absolutely no problem - this is somehing that can really be done at any time and we just adapt to a more active baby.

Pregnancy is a family affair and quite a few mothers to be, have their maternity shots with hubby and the other siblings included

It is also a wonderful opportunity to include the grand parents - in laws, or long seen family members.
Please bear in mind that group shots can be difficult - there is always one person not looking at the camera isn't there?
If the group is going to be largish, make sure you book at least two hours to get enough individual, small group and full group photos

If another child is accompanying you, please make sure that there is a second adult coming with to supervise so I can focus on baby and/or mother

You do not have to but of course you may.
A shawl that belonged to your grandmother would make a wonderful wrap. Or that rugby ball from dad to rest their head on.

Just let me know before the time so I can plan accordingly.

I operate on a strict principle of no permission, no publishing. You can look at the main FAQ for details on permissions.

I would obviously love to show off my work but fully respect that some clients prefer otherwise.
When you sign the booking form you specify whether images may be used by me or not - and specifically what platforms - and even allow you to select image by image afterwards for permission.

You are in control.

Personally I think a pregnant woman is absolutely beautiful - and you should too.
So in short - your shoot - your choice.

It is a wonderful time to embrace your uniqueness as a woman so why not. And of course you can do normal boudoir shoots at any time in your life - maternity sexy only comes around a few times at most

The sooner the better. If am busy over a period we could miss out

Maternity shots are obviously easier to plan. With newborn shoots, I allow you to make a provisional booking date and then you just stay in touch a time goes by. The closer the big day comes the easier it is to finalise the shoot date


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