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Sometimes memories are created spontaneously but for many they are are the achievement of goals or the result of decisions made long before.

And we all have them - as individuals, couples, families, groups or companies. Those moments in time that recognise steps achieved and targets accomplished.

Sometimes these are monumental and others simply small steps along the way but just as important. And remember - it is what is important to you and not what others feel that makes a milestone worth remembering.

Twenty years of marriage. The launch of a family business. Your first marathon you run or something really simple like the first meal you cook in your new home. Big birthdays, finishing school or finishing the building of that extra room that took so long. Something you have been working toward like your first body building competition or that big promotion you did not even expect.

Milestone shoots are a wonderful way to capture the path of your life plotted along the achievements that make you what you are today. They are the record of life's events and often thread an amazing story when looking back through them.

So the next time you reach a milestone on your life why not give me a call and we get the creative juices going to make a permanent memory of the moment for you..


Remember to celebrate milestones, as you prepare for the road ahead {Nelson Mandela}

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photographer-milestones-portraits -photo
photographer-milestones-portraits -photo

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There really is no specified style for Milestone shoots.It is a combination of Portraiture and Events photography.

It is more of a concept than a style and is conceived simply to have a record of the milestones in your life what ever those might be for you.

A quiet evening at home celebrating the first day of retirement. A family get together when the last bond payment is made. A party to mark obtaining your degree. All these happenings big and small that are the milestones of our lives

If you are having a party then thats where its at. If getting provincial colours for rubgy lets find a rugby field. If a year free from cancer lets find a celebratory sunrise.

I always like to chat first about the actual milestone and then throw around some ideas.

Not unless you really want to. This of course will depend on the style of photos you are wanting
A good rule of thumb is always to be comfortable - unless you really want to go all out and hire fancy dress outfits

Generally we will be looking to add something into the shots to speak of what the milestone is. Either a prop or a clothing item if possible.


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