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The modeling world has become fiercely competitive over the years and is often filled with less than scrupulous parties.

It is also a world that has opened up many more opportunities than ever before with the advent of an increase in designers, individual brands and the internet as a new exciting display medium.

I understand these facets of the business and offer you a secure environment in which to build your portfolio and also a commitment to do my best to ensure your photos stand out from the crowd - both extremely important factors in this business.

If you are new and still wanting to build your portfolio then I am just the photographer for you. I actually really enjoy shooting with newcomers that have not modeled before or do not fit the "traditional beauty" mould. And don't forget I also do free TFD shoots when time allows (look at the FAQ below)

If you have experience then you will love working with me - I am always keen to not only build stock images for your portfolio but also to push creative boundaries making sure you get images that really pop.

Glamour, fashion and other model photography is an exciting dynamic world and I would love to be part of your journey into it.

Tip 1: Many agencies will offer to do your photos in house. They do however retain ownership of the images so when you leave to another agency, you leave your photos behind. Better to use an independent photographer.

Tip 2: Modeling has many facets and genres. Ramp, magazine, fashion, product, underwear and fitness to name but a few. The marketing world has also grown up and now there is much greater demand for plus sized models, normal sized models, older models or even alternative models that don't fit the industry standard of "beauty, height and weight." Plus there are avenues for feet, hand or hair models. Do not let your thinking be limited and therefore close doors to yourself.


Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts {H. Jackson Brown Jnr}


Standard Hourly Rates apply - go here. Remember to see the FAQ below on TFD free shoots.


A good modeling portfolio will reflect you in variety of settings so based on a chat prior to the shoot, we will decide on what is best.

In studio, on location or a combination of both.

This will depend very much on what we have decided you need - or you might have something very specific in mind

Please remember when choosing your outfits that there is a difference between glamour shots and fashion shots. Glamour focuses on the model and fashion on the clothing
So while fashion modeling shots should be in your portfolio, you must always have others that bring the focus to you

And remember to always think of ways to get a little creative

Standard advice for normal portraits would be to keep make-up and hair very natural. While this can be the case for some modeling assignments, in general, you want to go just a little overboard when putting your model portfolio together

Fake eyelashes always look good. A slighty more extravagant hairstyle adds some bling.

Please remember to get the basic in place. Clean hair always shines more. A good night sleep makes sure your eyes are sparkling and clear. Clean skin gives off a radiance and takes make-up much better

If you are comfortable at doing your own hair and make-up thats great - but do consider using a qualified make-up artist and stylist. Check my Linked Services list for people I work with regularly and highly recommend

My standard agreement and release, grants you full rights for usage on the images.

My main FAQ gives more information on this but do remember that under SA law I own copyright so if you want to sell an image you need my permission first.

Of course! In fact I will try and do this at every shoot to ensure you get a variety of shots.

Just bear in mind that clothing changes take time that could be used getting additional photos. Also that if we are on location this often involves getting changed at roadsides, in the bush or in my vehicle while I take a walk.

Yes - I love to advertise - but only with your permission

This is one area of photography where the clients generally do want their shots splashed far and wide because every post somewhere is one more chance of getting that call and a lucky break.

TFD stands for Time For Disc. It is also sometimes referred to as TFP (Pictures) or TFI (Images).

What is basically means is that you give up your time in exchange for getting your photos done free of charge.

Photographers offer this service for a few reasons 1) To give back to the community 2) To build their own portfolio 3) To be able to try new techniques lighting etc without having to incur modeling costs.

I offer this free photoshoot option when time allows - please contact me to check availability.

Yes, I cover that and you can read more details under the Fine Art Nude section

You must be over 18 or over 16 with parental consent. No under 16 nudes will be done

Don't worry about that at all - I will guide you along the way
When you have booked your shoot, I also send you a booklet on how to prepare which will give you all the basic information you need to feel a little more confident.

You relax - enjoy yourself - and I will talk you through it

All photos that make the final selection get basic editing. From there, selected images get further processing to B&W

Final stage would be additional processing to obtain a certain style or feel often required in a complete portfolio

Now we're talking. Would love to get together with you on that

I do believe that one of the items that really sets me apart from other photographers, is my creative skills and ability to think outside the box. Together we can brainstorm some wow ways of meeting your brief.


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