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If someone had told this conservative me quite a few years back that I would be doing fine art nude photography and would be recognised widely for the level of my work, I would have laughed at them.

I have grown over time to appreciate the beauty and depth of nude photography however and as with my approach to any other portraiture, do not just do nude but look at to capture your essence, you personality, your spirit.

You will therefore find much of my work filled with clothing the model in light and shadow patterns. Creative tones abound. Location shoots are carefully selected for their beauty and contribution to the final image.

The opportunity to help someone celebrate their body in a safe and supportive environment is something that is deeply rewarding.

If this is what you are looking for give me call. This is a particular area where I like to chat to the client first. Get a feel for what they want and together come up with some creative ideas to create wonderful images.


He who does not master the nude, cannot understand the principles of architecture {Michelangelo}

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Having photographed many different people over the years, I have come to realise that those images the clients love best and really stand out - are those that capture the individuals uniqueness and personal character.

When I approach a nude shoot the first thing I do is get to know the person. And it does not take long if you really care and listen.
What you will find, is that whether taking the shots as a model or just for yourself, they will be classy, have a certain style and character to them and will reflect the person that you are

Yes - if we have your permission. I do understand that with these kind of shoots, clients might not always desire it and respect that completely.

I do appreciate the opportunity to showcase my work as it does bring in more business, but strictly apply the rule of no permission - no posting. My reputation as being trustworthy is more important than posting a photo.

Obviously for those wanting to use possible opportunities for nude modelling, the more I put your photos out there, the better chance you have of someone seeing them.

This will depend on the style of shot you are wanting. Studio for obvious types but also out and about on location to add environmental feel to the shots.

The contrast of the beauty of a woman against the harshness of an industrial setting for instance can be very striking. Or the blend between nature and woman just as much so.

That really is not a problem - my experience and guidance makes up for that.

I generally find and even more so with nude photography that the more relaxed a person is, the better the shots some off.
Your job is just to relax - have fun - and listen to my instructions.

To make it really easy, as soon as you have confirmed your booking, I send you a short guide filled with tips and help.

He he - I just had to put that here. I can tell you what not to wear though - no tight clothing or underwear for at least two hours before the shoot so we have no unsightly skin lines showing

Generally, moderate make-up and hairstyle works well with nude photos - unless we are doing something themed that requires more.

In our pre-shoot chat we will discuss that a bit more and make decisions.

I own copyright so you may not sell without my permission.If I do grant permission, it will be dependent on intended use and we will split proceeds 50/50

I do have request for fine art nude prints from time to time.If I have your permission to sell photos, I split any proceeds on a 50/50 basis. Prints sold like this are done on a limited edition of ten or sole exclusivity. You can see more under my Fine Art Photography section.

My favourite word - creative!.

Nude photography can take on so many elements that makes it transcend into the realm of fine art and I am always willing to explore new ideas. One of my favourites in this regard is for instance the Black Tape Project that delivered some stunning images


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