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Pets become such a part of us and our lives, I almost included this section under Family Shoots.

The bond we have with them, even our cats which pretend we don't exist sometimes, is something precious and invaluable.

I myself, at the moment have two wonderful dogs in the home - both saved from being put down at Animal Welfare. Lushka, a cross Collie and Dachshund, (don't ask) and getting old now, and Starfire, a beautiful street pavement special, who is probably the most unintelligent dog I have ever met in my life.

Like people, they irritate us sometimes, They do things like shredding plants in the garden. They at random moments decide to not listen. But over and above all that, they love us. They are loyal to us. They love being with us and close to us.

And of course they all have their own characters and personalities. Each special and unique in their own way. Especially when the pet is something unusual. Hamsters, snakes, lizards and pot belly pigs - all find their way into our hearts.

Sadly, sometimes, we have to say good bye and there is no better way to keep the memory of them fresh, than by having some wonderful photos that tell the story of who they were and what they meant to us.


Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened {Anatole France}


Standard Hourly Rates apply - go here.


This will depend on the pet, the nature of the pet and the style you are wanting.

Dogs are generally Ok in a studio - Cats are not. Donkeys just wont fit and my assistant will not go near a snake

An older dog might be best suited for a couch at home or a pillow in our studio. A puppy or energetic dog outdoors. Some cats are mousers and we will get great shots playing outdoors with them. Others will ignore you completly and take a lazy pose somewhere.

So lets chat before the time and make a decision from there.

If it doesn't eat me I will shoot it. In fact I would love to be challenged with something different.

If it is a really unusual animal, I would really want to chat a bit before the shoot as well as get some advance notice so I can do a bit of research.

Who doesn't like a chihuahua in a mexican hat? Other than the chihuahua.

If your pet is mellow and will sit still with the outfit on then lets go for it. Many animals will try and get it off and become agitated. This could mean a lot of watsed time.

No problem - just make sure you book enough time. One hour might not be enough to get enough good shots of your two dogs and a cat.

Animals generally do their own thing and one has to be aware all the time to get the good shots - this takes time and timing.

Of course! In many ways I actually prefer family members in the shots as it brings through the value of having a pet so much more

I would have no idea if it was a snake but for normal furry animals its quite easy.

Make sure they have had their normal meal and access to water. Dogs can be recently bathed for a clean coat. Any furry animal will look great after a good brushing

I know you are excited but do not get your animal all excited and worked up. Calm is good. If you will be transporting them by car and they are not used to it (does any cat travel well?), then make sure you arrive at the spot early to give them time to settle down.

It is not really neccessary. A favourite treat if they have one. Their own water bowl if they are particularly attached or even their own blankie if they canot sleep without it.

Exactly the same stuff you would bring along if we were taking shots of your toddler..

Yes - most definitely. If you are not sure how long they will still be with you, I will make a point of squeezing the shoot in

You should try mine for a day or two - then you will change your mind

I really do not have a problem with that and in many cases this has actaully resulted in some super fun shots. Do keep in mind that it could eat away at time thereby reducing the number of good photos we get.

We cannot control Mother Nature so re-scheduling because of weather will not affect your investment. We just pick a next available date.

Please note that slightly overcast or cloudy days could still be great for photos as the light is moodier.

I much prefer natural light for animal shots as speedlights can disturb some pets, so will advise you if I feel we should rather pick another day.

This is something I cannot answer for you - it is a personal decision that only you and your family can make.

How do you define the bond between your daughter and the puppy you got her on her first birthday.

Or your son's feelings toward that scrap runaway he dragged home so many years ago and now has it's own space on the couch.

Me personally? I have this animal welfare rescue dog that is extremely nervous (probaly due to beatings), totally ill disciplined and by far the stupidist dog I have ever encountered..

She drives me mad sometimes. But I know this - when she is no longer there, I will miss her licking my feet when I sit outside or just looking at me with love and gratefulness.
I would want at least one good photo to remember her by.


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