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Portraiture for individuals as well as couples if one of the oldest professional forms of photography and has evolved over the years from tin plates to perfect images delivered in a variety of forms.

While many people love cars, or landscapes or abstract, I am in love with people. Portraiture is my way of capturing the beauty and individuality I see in everyone. My way of telling people - this is how I and the world sees you - and you are wonderfully made.

Ever wonder why people never smiled in old style portraiture? Quite simply, the cameras in those days couldn't handle movement so they had to get into a pose and keep dead still - this also meant not smiling because it is difficult to keep a smile for that long.

Thankfully we now have the technology to take amazing photos in a variety of setting as well as capturing perfect moments - even of someone is fidgety or moves a bit. In fact sometimes the most amazing shots are those unposed, capturing something as it is happening.

And of course you can choose between a variety of styles and settings. Informal on location or seated in a studio. Walking on the beach or at play in the bush. And of course one of my favourites, Lifestyle Portraits showing the elements that make up who you are.

Singles wanting to try something different or couples wanting to remember the early moments - why not spoil yourself with a photo-shoot. And of course there is nothing more romantic than doing a couple shoot for the elderly who are still as much in love today as they were 40 plus years ago.


Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive then  {Bob Dylan}

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Standard Hourly Rates apply - go here.


Oh yes - and take some extra time with it.

If you are quite happy doing this on your own great and if not why not check out my Service Links off the emain page for highly recommended stylists and make-up pros.

Yes - I do appreciate the opportunity to showcase my work as it does bring in more business

When I say on the web however, I do not mean all over facebook etc but rather as part of my portfolio on photography forums etc.

If you really, really, really don't like that idea you just say so and I respect your wishes.

This is really up to you - depending on what you are wanting out of the shoot.

Pick a theme and go with it. A semi formal couple shoot with her in white dress and him in black and white. A country style portrait set for her with lacy flowing dress and flowers in her hair - plus barefooted.

There is no right or wrong here. I will be sending you a guide as soon as you confirm your booking which will give some great advice as well.

And why not get a bit creative just for fun - let your imagination work a little and together we come up with something.

Generally a portrait or couple shoot will take one to two hours depending on if you want on location that is a bit distant, a change of clothes etc.

Part of a professional photographers job is to put their clients at ease in front of the camera - and because of my nature and style that happens very quickly.

Believe me when I say that 99% of clients cannot believe the time has flown so fast and wish it could go on.

So would I - so would I!

I really enjoy theme shots especially when the client gets into the swing of things. Great shots abound!

Just let me know ahead of time so we can chat and plan.

It is always a good time to get photos and rather late than never.

These are generally a litle more formal in nature but what the heck - we can do anything you feel like.

Let me know what your thoughts are, we plan a little and off we go.


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