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Professional shoots for schools, clubs, creches, colleges and organisations.

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I offer a range of options for schools, creches, colleges and similar institutions, for prize givings, first/last day at school, awards ceremonies, sports events etc

There are three models to choose from :

Free of charge - We provide a photographic service -  provided we are given the exclusive opportunity to sell the photographs to individuals.

Free of Charge + School Profit - We provide a photographic service -  provided we are given the opportunity to sell the photographs to individuals and prices are marked up so that the School/Club/Organisation can make some money

School makes full profit - we provide really good pricing to the school for the event and the school makes all the money on sales. This is the highest money making option for the school/club or organisation. We provide all the necessary forms etc you will need to take orders.

Why not give a call to discuss what we can do for you.

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