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Travel photography is is one of the most wonderfully enlightening forms of photography.

It allows those who have never traveled to experience and see the world - in bold colours - with fantastic stories - all through the lens of another man's camera.

Places, architecture, culture and the activities of people - all brought to us at the press of a shutter.

Most of my travel shots are done as part of personal travels and projects or were shots taken on my photographic tours.

Paid work - This normally entails owners of game lodges, resorts and accommodation establishments wanting to promote their particular area and the tourist features it has to offer, while offering viewers valuable insights into local culture and custom.

If you have a particular need for destination or travel shoots please, just let me know.


I have seen the world through another man's eyes - only because of photography {Colin Fibiger}


A per assignment quote will be provided depending on scope and complexity. Contact me to discuss.

I am, time being available, willing to provide you as an accommodation establishment, a full set of establishment as well as local travel documentary shots in exchange for board and lodging and covering of travel. I like win win scenarios!


Yes - by all means. Please note however that my fee for the trip will include travel time, accomodation etc

Yes - I regularly sell prints to clients - either on a limited edition or exclusive basis

For more information on pricing, see the Interior Design / Fine Art Prints section

I travel light and rough - all for the sake of getting the photo story. I will beg food in remote areas and sleep wherever.

On these travel trips I really do not have the time or inclination to worry about others

I do offer guided photography tours and would rather you booked one of those. Take the link off the main page


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