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Over the years there have been many critics of marriage. Even movements to try and diminish it's value. Governments that have tried to take control of it. Yet despite all of this, it remains one of the most valued moments and happenings in our lives.

It has been through the centuries and will remain forever, an occasion that symbolises love, hope and a future.

Your marriage will remain forever as one of the few life changing events in your life. One of those defining moments that change you forever from being single to being part of something much bigger. That moment you shift from being an individual to being one with another. To being family.

It is no wonder that nerves are on edge. Grooms and Brides get the jitters.  Mother see their daughters enter this union and words are not enough so tears begin to flow. Even gruff macho men are reduced to tears as they see their bride come down that aisle.

A combination of pure joy, happiness, decision making, planning, deep love, apprehension and excitement - all happening at the same time.

To be the photographer at weddings is more than simply taking photos. It is a privilege to not only witness the occasion but also be the one who will record it - moments in time that can be re-lived forever.


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person {Mignon McLaughlin}

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The big day is around the corner - exciting times and to help you, we have put together a simple pricing structure rather than complex variety with names like platinum, supreme and the like.

If you are planning an elopement wedding or a small intimate service why not give me a call to chat about a specially structured fee.

You can download the full wedding info pack here.

Base Wedding Price R8500, which includes :

Bride/Groom Preparation

Wedding Service

Group and Family Photos

Bridal Couple Shots

Reception - 3 1/2 Hours

Add on R2000 for a Pre-Wedding Day/Engagement Shoot or a Day After / Wedded Bliss Shoot

Add on R750 for every hour after the allocated 3 1/2 hours for the reception

Remember to look at the Live Photo Booth option as a great way to ensure everyone has fun and is in a few photos.


A personally designed RSVP website where your invited guests can confirm their attendance.

Main plus 2nd Photographer - making sure we do not miss a moment.

Full coverage from the Bride and Groom getting ready right through till the end.

Around 500 images - Hi Resolution delivered on a Disc - All basic editing done with selected images receiving additional editing - B&W white etc

* Please note that there might be more or there might be less images due to life's unforeseen circumstances such as the bride arriving really really late or the electricity failing at the reception hall or pouring rain.

Photo Prints Etc : I deliberately do not supply albums, prints, framing etc so as to not force you to spend money where you do not want to.

My expertise is photography so that's what I offer and stick to - rather than getting involved in areas that require other technical skill sets just for the sale of making a few extra bucks.

What I do is provide you with a list of service providers I use and trust and you work directly with them. That way you get to chat about exactly what you want as well as discover other options they might have. And you might even get a discount when you quote the client number I allocate to you! Print only the photos you want to and in the sizes you wish. Have some boarded or printed to canvas. Have one or two specially framed. Decide on exactly what style and size album book you want printed.

These extras, especially the album book can add up to a couple of thousand rand - doing things my way allows you to decide to maybe postpone the printing and spend the money on the honeymoon instead.

Download the full wedding info pack here


A short description would be Creative Documentary. I record the happenings big and small as the day unfolds and add to that creative flair.

Wedding shoots are always a bit of a smorgasbord of styles and images though. One has to adapt as the day unfolds. I do, as a principle, be as inobtrusive as possible, capturing the moments without stopping people every now and then for that posed shot.

One can get fairly creative with some close up shots and soft lighting with the bride getting ready, but for most men preparing it is going to be a little more in your face with the groomsmen joking around.

The wedding service itself calls for a combination of clear shots of key moments as well as some creative work and although most do not want pure posed photos, I know for a fact the the mothers will kill me unless we do formal family snaps.

And then we have the bride and groom shots where we realy are aiming for effect - great images that reflect their happiness - with a mix of creativity and tack sharp shots

And so the day goes. So will you see a single style throughout - definitely not. What you will get is the type of image needed for each moment of your special day.

Yes - Compulsory unless you are from our of town and it is not possible.

The more I know about you and the plans for the day the better equipped I am to give you what you want.

Yes - Of Course. Or your grumpy aunt will klap me one.

It is the family's day as well and I would not dream of stopping them snapping away.

I do ask however that they do not crowd key moments - If I am going for a shot of the bride kissing the groom and only get your cousins bald head in the shot, neiither of us will be happy.

One area I do not want others snapping shots is when we take the bridal couple shoots, whether at the premises or elsewhere. It is highly distracting and does not complement the flow of the shoot at all.

In my comprehensive wedding guide that I send you on booking, it lays out a few guidelines, which you should perhaps pass on to the guests.

Yes I do - and love them.

Just remember that I will charge for travel and accomodation. I also as a rule will book in a day early so that I can scout the environment and plan the photos

First off, let me say this. Great wedding shots are those where the love and happiness is obvious. Your personality and chemistry as a couple stands out far more than any backdrop.

Most venues have a backup indoor location in case of rain and I am quick to adapt.

And if you are really daring and dont mind getting a bit wet, we can get some really unique in the rain shots. Or on a balcony with the pouring rain as a stunning backdrop.

Yes please - you do not want me or the assistant photographer falling over at a key moment.

The only food I probably have with me in my bag is a year old energy bar left over from a wildlife trip.

During the day we will supply our own but prefer to be catered for at the reception. Otherwise we have to take a break and might miss a great moment. If I am eating with you, I am constantly watching for those special moments.

And coffee. Lots of coffee. Did I mention coffee?.

Suck it up - your mother in law will insist on posing with you - and then again with other family - and then again with her best friend - and then again......

Other than those, you dictate the type of shots you want. If you want a more relaxed, candid in the moment shoots then thats what I will do

I must say this though. I have a very relaxed nature and know for a fact that we will have some fun doing "posed" photos of the bridal couple. And of course I am always looking for those special in between moments anyway.

Thats purely because of lot of wedding receptions are held in fairly dark areas, decorated and lit for ambience not photography

I do have top of the range equipment and the lenses are designed to pick up maximum light in these situations. A lot will depend on the environment but fortunately, we can fix up somewhat in post production.

Yes they are - sometimes quite a few - some not at all. It really depends for instance on what the lighting was like at the reception etc

A typical workflows goes like this : First I dump those where I was just testing the light etc, those where I got bumped as I took the shot and those that Aunty Thelma's extra sized hat just obscured everything.

Next step, is to select the best of what is left, making sure there are no plain duplicates etc and on that selection I do basic editing for exposure, contrast, colour balance etc.

Once that is done, then carefully selected images undergo additional processing and maybe conversion to Black and White.

This is awesome for the couple as they get to take a breather

It does not affect the pricing however as we are still committed for the day and can hardly go off and do a quick fashion shoot somewhere

We are not idle however and use this time for scouting the next spot and planning.

I keep your images on two separate storage devices for a period of six months.

I highly recommend you making a backup of the files I give you onto at least one more portable device and one fixed drive.

And of course print those you want to as soon as possible.


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