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I often think of this page as a first date. That first, check each other out scenario - excited but a little apprehensive. Wanting to know more and not knowing how quick to progress to the next step.

I am quite happy to say that with so many of my clients, we have moved on to wonderful relationships - sometimes even solid, long term friendships.

So please - relax, browse around, and when you are ready give me a call for that second date - your booking.


I am proud to say, a sought after photographer. With a reputation of passion and excellence.

The one thing I pride myself on, is client after client saying thank you with the words, "You really made me/us feel special" And that is something I live by - treating each client as special. Taking the time to listen and find out exactly what makes them tick. Getting to know them as much as possible and making that uniqueness reflect in their photos.

Despite all my peer and client recognition, I live by the creed of learning and re-learning. I do not do mediocrity and always strive to be better. This I try and pass on to other photographers in my workshops as well - not just skills but a creed of excellence.

I firmly believe that content, context, style, and the human element outweigh technical correctness.

Other than photography, I am a community activist, businessman and family man. Driven by learning new things all the time. A conservative, creative, radical -  I hold on to traditional values while embracing change, ingenuity and creative thought.


It quite simply says what I try and achieve - photos that stand out. Images that for you are iconic remembrances of moments of your life you entrusted us to capture.

In a sense, the name Eyeconic says everything about who I am and what my goals are - a mission statement in itself.

And the spelling - well that's just a play on words and of course very symbolic of what photography is about - capturing moments seen through the eye of the camera.


Photographic Style. Many photographers will try and impose a certain style of photo upon you in the name of "that's my style". Quite frankly I find that approach a little self centered. If you look at various shots of mine, you might detect a certain personal style coming but these are mostly in unpaid project work.

When it comes to clients, I get a feel for their style - their preference - and shoot accordingly. If you want conservative shots I will not impose radical creative work on you and so on.

Editing too, is carefully guided by giving the client a range of images that will provide variety in their albums as opposed to a singular theme throughout.

Operational Style. Regarding how I work I will try and sum it up in a few words. Relaxed. Professional. Creative. Caring. Fun.


The secret to my success is a combination of things. Chiefly I think because I am always prepared to go the extra mile to put the client first. I constantly receive referrals for work, which testifies that my approach is the right one.

I am totally driven by creating fantastic images that not only you will love but me too - I am highly critical of myself and always wanting to get better at my craft.

I  will never forget the amazement of one couple that I gave a free shoot to. They were over the moon with their first photos but I felt I could have done more - so off we went to the same venue and did it again!


I am based in Port Elizabeth and all standard pricing applies within the Metro area.

Quite often though I have been commissioned for out of town work and am willing to travel quite extensively, including internationally, for clients. Please bear in mind that this will affect the pricing.

I am a pretty down to earth person so will not expect 5 star accommodation, a fancy 4x4 at my disposal etc. As long as I am comfortable where I am, and it is conducive to me getting the shots we need, I am happy.


There is very little in terms of photography that I do not cover and in probability will do what it is you are needing. Have a look at the full services list and if you have a question why not just give a call.

My field of real expertise is people and the things they do. Portraits, weddings, events, boudoir, family and maternity -any moment that involves people. For this reason, I have developed strong niche markets in for instance fitness and other lifestyle forms of photography where the community knows each other and I get excellent word of mouth advertising.

If I feel I will not do the shoot full justice, I will then hire a photographer I know is competent in that area, or simply refer you.


I just love the concept of giving back. To groups, organisations and individuals.

If you have a charity or NGO that needs some material why not give me a call - I will try and slot you in and do it for free.

Wanting to get into modeling and need to build a portfolio? - I will try and help on a TFD basis. If you don't know what that is check out my FAQ on the Model Photography page

And of course I am always busy with a personal project or two that I need people for - check out the current projects page - you help me and in exchange you get free photos.

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