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Well done on taking the next step! 

Once you have booked, I normally follow that up with a call to chat a little and .get to know you and what you want a little more.

After that, you will receive a confirmation Email with all the details you need.

As soon as we receive your deposit and final booking form, you will be sent the relevant client guide for the shoot we will do, as well as what steps will be followed. This guide provides you with a whole lot of helpful information to assist you in getting the most out of your shoot.

Please complete ALL fields. If you are unsure about dates and times put in an estimate.


Almost any decision is better than no decision at all {Brian Tracy}


Once I receive your initial booking I pencil it in.
Only once I have received your form and deposit is it finalised.

So if you snooze, you could lose. I do try however to check if you wish to confirm, before simply slotting someone else in.

Please let me know ahead of time. DO not just pitch an hour late and expect to still have your full booked time

If I get fair warning, I can make a plan to shift other bookings. If you just arrive late without at least a message, I shoot for what time is left.

I always keep a few back-up dates open per month, to cater for this eventuality, so we just slot you into the next best date.

Depending on what we intended doing, we could also switch to the studio if need be.

Life happens and I get that - just be fair and give decent notice.

When a client postpones or cancels I lose money in very real terms because of other clients I could have allocated that spot.

So please - as soon as you can - give me a call and we can re-schedule. P.S. Postponing on the day of the shoot is not considered fair unless you have a real emergency

Who? Me? Never! At least not yet I hope.

If I do, I won't be able to do your photos and thats sad. Even sadder than me dying.

I do however work closely with other professionals and have an agreement in place and one of them with take over.

I have never missed a shoot yet (touch wood) but should I get really ill, we simply postpose or if it is a date driven shoot, like a wedding, then again another photographer will take over.

Yow - that would be crazy right? Imagine combining your retirement get together with a Heavy Metal Band portfolio shoot!

But don't worry - never going to happen.

I plan my calendar very carefully to ensure there is sufficient time between shoots, never do more than one intensive shoot on a single day and never do more than one wedding on a day.

I plan meticulously and once you have confirmed with a deposit payment, my calendar is done, with breathing space before and after. And on top of that, I have a calendar planner on my computer as well as manually.

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