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Free as in for nothing? Nada, Niks?

Yep - that kind of free and no I am not crazy. It is just my way of giving back.

Over the years there have been some fancy terms developed such as "Giving Forward" and so on but for me it comes down to the basic concept of understanding that I live not in isolation but as part of a community.

So where I can, I give - as much as I can.

The free work offered is in three sections and you can have a look at each page if there is one, in more detail :

Models on a TFD basis - This is simply where we do a shoot for you - You charge no fees, we charge no fees. A great way to build your portfolio. See more

Project Models - I am always busy with one project or another - just for the passion of it and always need models for the shots. You help me and I give you photos for free. A great win win. See my current projects here.

If you are seriously getting into gym then please do have a look at the projects page for an exciting new project I have started, where I will be tracking the development of four ordinary woman over a two year period as they work toward their ideal bodies.

Charities and NGO's - You need an event covered, headshots of your executive members or general marketing material. Just give me a call and lets see what we can make happen.

All free work is subject to time availability so the earlier you ask the better.


No act of giving, no matter how small, is wasted {Aesop}

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I can travel - and will do your photos for free, but unfortunately most times will ask you to cover the costs of the travel and accomodation itself

Yes - of course

What I have done before is to take photos at a NGO carnival or event and then you sell the photos to make money

The quick answer is unlimited - but I obviously try and share my time to help as many as possible

If I do see that you are totally committed and are determined to make it, I will invest more time into you. After all, if you become famous it is great marketing for me

If it for an event, as soon as possible - so that I can slot the date in.

For other shoots where I can slot you in at various times, I ask only that you do so as soon as possible to help with my planning.

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