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Below is a list of projects that I am currently busy with. There are purely for my own interest and passion for photography.

If you would like to participate as a model why not just let me know.

How it works? Quite simple. No fees payable to model and no fees payable to myself.

I take the shots plus quite a few more. I then have what I need for my project and the model has some super shots to build their portfolio.

A win win scenario for all.



"Hello darkness my old friend"

I will be retelling the song - line for line, with a picture for every line.Photographer Project Sounds of Silence

A wonderful way to commemorate a great song with a wonderful storyline.

I need models to complete each shoot - and will probably do two or three song lines per model.

If you are interested and would like to get a little creative, while at the same time building your portfolio, just give me a call.

.What I normally do is get the shots I need and then extras for the models benefit and you are welcome to request specific shots.



Photographer Project Female Body BuilderOpen Slots - 2 out of 4

This is a long term project that will span over two years, documenting the progress, struggles and commitment of four woman who go to gym to build their dream bodies.

A blog is being set up to share their stories and track their progress. Their up and downs and the pictures to go with it.

It is planned that once I have the four woman and have completed the first shoot for each, to activate the Blog and then to seek sponsorship for them in terms of gym membership, clothing and other costs.

I am looking for average woman - not pros. Woman with a story to tell. Age is not an issue - The first that qualified for instance is a forty something mother of two and has the stretch marks to prove it.

You must be at the early stages of building your body - not already at competition level.

If you are prepared to commit for two years (who knows where to from there?), are determined to get the body you want, are willing to have regular photo sessions and comply with any sponsorship requirements should they arise - then why not go for it?

So if you would like to participate why not give me a call for an interview chat.



Photographer Project Townships

A project that will begin in Nov '17 to document the many entrepreneurs that forge their livelihood in our old township areas..

I was first intrigued by the unique economy some years back when witnessing a pensioner who gave a young, unemployed girl some money and food for the day to go with her shopping and bill paying.

Circumstances in the township had created a whole new form of employment and productivity that does not exist in middle class neighbourhoods.

There are bicycle repairs, quick exhaust welding services, jikilezas, fresh fruit, shebeens, shoe repairs, babysitting, second had clothing and a myriad of other business that have emerged in these neighbourhoods, - many under extreme circumstances.

Add to that, the emergence of the new generation of educated, inventive and dynamic entrepreneurs who have excellent business concepts but are confined to the townships because of finance and you have a goldfield of documentary stories to be told.

I hope, through my documenting of their stories, that 1) that some of them will get recognised for their unique business ideas and get funded and 2) through the exposure, that the middle class and township economies can merge more - that perhaps the welder who does exhausts, gets contacted to do minor welding work at a formal business close by.
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