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I offer guided photography tours to a wide variety of game farms, reserves and natural beauty spots in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and Mozambique, and believe me, it is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as a photographer to travel and learn together.

And learn not only of our craft but also of the new environment you find yourself in.

What is it exactly? - First and foremost it is  a get together of people with the same passion for photography.

Throw in with that, a great holiday, experiencing places you have never been and top it off with learning your craft in nature, wildlife and other forms of photography along with peer review.

No matter how much theory you have, the greatest way to learn is hands on - by comparison with others taking the same scene.

And Bookings? Please book as soon as possible - these trips can fill up very quickly.

If there are not enough attendees we sometimes have to cancel or the remainder must decide to carry my full cost.

All bookings are made subject to certain numbers e.g. you might book subject to there being at least 4 other people sharing the cost. That way you are not in for any surprises. If minimum booking numbers are not achieved, full refunds are given on deposits.

How many people on a trip? Normally between 6 and 10 people. The maximum varies depending on the exact trip. I do not take more than 10 in a group except maybe to accommodate a specific club, group or family

What does it cost? Prices are based on my fees for the trip, plus all costs and is split between the numbers booked for the trip. See details below for upcoming trips.


Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn {Benjamin Franklin}



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Thats awesome - but I will not have the time to give lessons on use of your new camera.

I will be guiding you on suggested settings, composing, framing etc. It is up to you to know your equipment fairly well

One - a very long one. I will constantly be talking to you as we move from spot to spot and in between

I do provide you with a set of notes but there are no formal sit down lessons

No - only your own optional spending money

I provide a detailed itenary stating what is paid for and what is for own cost so you can budget accordingly

Every attempt is always made to make the pricing as inclusive of almost everything so there are no surprises. On the Port St Johns Trip for instance, the only extra cost you have is lunch on the trips up and down and two lunches while we are there

I have just learnt that if the numbers are too high, I am unable to give the personal attention that I would like to give.

Additionally, in situations like a kraal visit, for instance, large numbers crowd the situation and don't allow you to get the individual candid shots you might be looking for.

No problem - assuming of course that they are used to tagging along with you, without complaining or asking when it is going to end.

The scenery is always beautiful and the experience great anyway, so they could enjoy themselves - but photographers are notorious for forgetting time when there are shots to be had.

If you have a club or family trip planned, I would love to come along.

You just let me know the itenary and dates and I will pop you a quote.

Numbers are limited per trip and always fill up quickly closer to actual dates.

The sooner you book, the sooner your seat is reserved.

No problem - Normal travel regulations apply unless the tours are outside of South Africa in which case I will advise you of additional documentation required

Healthwise, you need the standard Yellow Fever shot. I will specify under the detail of each trip whether it is a malaria or tsetse fly region

Prices are set in ZAR so I will have to advise you at intended date of payment of price in your currency

For most trips this is really not a problem at all. Hopefully by the time you are done, you will have understood your own kit a little more and will get great shots anyway.

Obviously you cannot go on a wildlife tour with only a wide angle lens. Or want to do wide scenes with only a 400mm.

Under the detail of each tour, I list the basic equipment required - as long as you have something in those ranges, whether a kit lens or top of the range you will do fine.

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