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If you plan attending a workshop it is best to book as early as possible so avoid missing a place.

Once you have made a selection just go to the bookings page and fill in your details.

In fact, why not just book for every one? The cost is really minimal and is a worthwhile investment into your passion.

For the cost of a movie and a meal you could be doing something you really enjoy and be learning at the same time.

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Live as if each day is your last. Learn as if you will live forever  {Mahatma Ghandi}

Photography Workshops Still Life
Sunday 11 June 2017 - 2pm till 6pm

This workshop is a wonderful way to get into the world of still life photography. We visit, the museum, a hotel or two, a interior decorator and more.

You will need : DSLR Camera. Medium zooms 18-55, 24-70 etc and/or 35, 50 primes. If you have a macro lens e.g 105mm prime bring it along. Any standard prime 85mm and above might not work due to space constraints that present themselves sometimes. And bring along a small torch.

Hopefully during the process, you begin to see the hidden beauty in everyday items. Learn to look at them from different angles. Appreciate the dimension and shape of a small part of an already small item.

This journey into still life however taught me observe differently. To make use of not so obvious shadows and how to work angles with an item I could not ask to "turn slightly to your left" or "lift your chin a bit."

The discipline of moving around, getting down and climbing up - much of which I now apply generally, was all learned getting to grips with still life. Hopefully this workshop will put you on that journey of learning as well.

Photography Workshops Portraits
Saturday 8 July 2017 - 3pm till 6:30pm

Street portraiture is a wonderful way to experience the lives of people through photos.

A photographer once said that "we take photos to understand the meaning of life".

You will need : DSLR or Mirrorless Camera. Medium zooms 18-55, 16-85, 24-70 etc as well as upper zooms such as a 70-200. And/or 35, 50, 85, 105 primes. Look to cover a range from more discreet to having permission up close. If you have a wide angle e.g 10-24 bring it along for some interesting perspectives. You can bring along your flash in case you get a really co-operative subject.

During this workshop, we will also deal with the issue of asking permission, getting and telling a story and remaining anonymous. Over time I have learned to read peoples faces when the camera is pointed at them and quickly point elsewhere if I feel I am offending them.

Once you have the subject ready to be shot you have to quickly assess the light and adapt for the shot. Being in streets etc, you also have to deal with a multitude of long geometric shaped shadows.

We will look at how to deal with these, but also how to use the "hurdles" to get creative and use them as part of your composition and framing. It is obviously a great training ground for portraiture in general, using less than ideal conditions.

Photography Workshops Street
Sunday 6 August 2017 - 3pm till 6pm

Portraits in natural light are simply awesome and provide a natural glow and perspective to the subjects face,but flash can be a valuable tool.

You will need : DSLR or Mirrorless Camera. Medium zooms 18-55, 24-70 etc and/or 35, 50, 85, 105 primes. Single Speedlight. Reflector if you have. Trigger and transceiver if you have - if not you must at least have Commander Mode on your camera or a built in flash to trigger the speedlight.

You're in natural light but what however if the natural light is bad. When the sun is too fierce and the shadows therefore become too harsh. Or the light is just too little and you do not want to crank up the ISO. Or if you are in shadows that are uneven?.

Or you have the subject lined up against a beautiful sky but if you expose properly for the detail in the sky, you have to sacrifice exposure on the subjects face.

These are all scenarios where a speedlight can help you get the right light on the subjects face to properly expose them, separate them from the background while still having everything else spot on. We look at mastering this, alongside using a reflector.

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